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Allison Sweatman

October 20, 2017

Because Beautycounter is a mission-based company, from the very beginning of your consulting journey, it’s important to identify your why. You won’t be surprised to learn that my why goes right back to my little Riveter.

So many of my why’s go back to her.

My Lovely Riveter

From where we live to what we do to what we eat…. many decisions are made with her at the forefront of our minds.

Speaking of what we eat, let me also say that my journey to safer skincare started with food.

My journey to safer skincare started with food

While Rosie was in the hospital with her first series of surgeries I discovered the Whole30 program. It immediately resonated with me. The resounding message of “EAT REAL FOOD” had me all like YES AND AMEN. At the time, completing the program from the CVICU of Children’s Hospital wasn’t an option, but I committed to doing it after we were discharged. Little did I know, it would be months before we brought her home. But we did! And a few weeks later we started our first round of Whole30, thus investing in our health and our entire family.

She’s the best snuggler

So many of my whys go back to her.

The impact Whole30 has had on my health is absolutely immeasurable. It truly changed my life. More on that later, because it requires more than one post and a lot more organized thoughts than I can muster right now 🙂 

As I got deeper and deeper into the world of real food vs artificial food, I came across this idea that what we put on our bodies matters as much as what we put in our bodies.

It’s not a shocking notion, right? Considering our skin is our largest organ. Considering our skin is porous and absorbs products in a matter of seconds. Considering the environmental load that is already wreaking havoc on our bodies, even before you add personal products to the equation.

What we put on our bodies matters as much as what we put in them.

Convinced that what I put on my body mattered, I set out to learn what to avoid in my personal care products. My goal was to apply the mindset I’d learned in my Whole30s, which was to learn the ingredients to avoid and read labels like a hawk.

I quickly found this was much harder with skincare than it is with food. 


Simply put, the beauty industry is a multi-billion dollar one with very little accountability. Companies use loopholes, meaningless claims, and “greenwashing” to sell their products to a consumer who couldn’t find the accurate ingredients if they wanted to.

My response was to make as many products as possible using natural ingredients. Ya know, DIY type stuff. Pinterest had my back. I found recipes for many of the products I wanted to replace, but after making them from scratch (which is incredibly time consuming) I found myself wanting the performance of the products I’d left behind.

Enter Beautycounter.

I read the mission of this company and was instantly intrigued. None of the meaningless words I see plastered all over the beauty aisle were to be found.

Safer. Better. These words meant something to me after researching the beauty industry with all it’s loopholes and greenwashing.

Two distinctives of this company that changed everything for me:

  1. The Never List. Over 1400 ingredients are banned from skincare in the European Union because of their links to various diseases like cancer, hormone disregulation, allergens, and more. Beautycounter has adopted that list to create skincare that is formulated without it. The industry is truly changing before our eyes and I get to be a part of the company at the forefront of the movement.
  2. Advocacy in Congress. Have you ever seen a company claim they stand for a cause and then not really act on it? I have. It’s disappointing. Beautycounter isn’t one of those. One of the first photos I saw on Beautycounter’s website was of their leadership in Washington D.C. advocating for accountability in the industry.

There’s my why, folks. I’m not a makeup artist. I’m not necessarily passionate about skincare in general. Goodness knows I wasn’t looking for another job. But I’m excited to be part of this movement and share the mission.


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