September/October Rosie Recap

Allison Sweatman

October 25, 2017

These last few months have been crazy for our family! Here’s a bit about what’s been going on with our Rosie girl.

Switched to a new pediatrician whom we all ADORE

Ever since we moved to Cabot we’ve considered doing this. We really loved our pediatrician in Little Rock, but the drive wears you down! After many recommendations to try a doctor in Sherwood, we took the plunge and we are THRILLED. Our new doctor was above-par knowledgable about a few studies concerning children with Down syndrome (surprisingly, this is hard to find). She was affirming of a few decisions we’ve made that are (unfortunately) outside-the-box, not the least of which is Rosie’s blended diet. (I plan to blog about this later!)

She’s often happiest in the car

ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY of craniosynostosis surgery (this is a biggie)

September 12 will always be a significant date on our calendar. That surgery was incredibly scary, as we didn’t know much about what would happen. We decided to go through with it in prayer that it would help her develop and possibly prevent seizures in the future. I remember praying that the Lord was guiding us instead of fear being our motivation. Looking back I can see that he was so faithful in every single step. We took the Riveter home a short TWELVE days after that major surgery and since then we’ve been focusing on healing.

Hangin’ out in the purple chair

Meeting at preschool about progress and plan for future

Rosie started preschool a couple of months ago and we’ve had an incredible experience. With my starting a new full-time job and Andrew starting his own business from home, we knew this was best for our family, and therefore best for Rosie. It took SO much humbling of ourselves to take that step, to trust that having such regular care from someone other than us was actually BEST for her. Even just typing that I see that it’s so prideful. Also, we’ve strongly considered homeschool for our family in the longterm, so on some level it felt silly to start preschool. But Rosie’s school has been amazing to hear all of the concerns we’ve had and help us form a plan that works for our family.

Rosie’s school has been amazing

Rosie goes to school 5 days a week from 8-11:30 am. During that time she interacts with other kids in her class and gets her therapies from the same therapists who have seen her for over a year. This month we got to sit down with her therapists and the preschool director and talk about how things have been and if we want to make any changes going forward.

We discussed goals for each therapy (which I might blog specifically about later), a possible increase in time spent at school, and some items being prescribed for therapy in the future. We decided to try one longer day of school just this week and Rosie did very well with it! Our biggest concern with that is the lack of routine with napping. We need Rosie’s brain to rest and recover from all the hard work she does at therapies and right now that means half-days all week for the sake of routine. Maybe in the future we can do more time at school, but in this season we are keeping things the way they are. We are praying for wisdom and flexibility from all parties going forward.

Rosie caught and fought the dreaded Hand/Foot/Mouth Disease

It might seem strange to celebrate this, but hear me out. Our fighter caught a super contagious disease and fought it without even a trip to the doctor. It ran it’s course and for all intents and purposes, we were able to treat her like any other kid who hasn’t fought congenital heart defects and multiple major surgeries. It ran it’s course and she’s a as happy as ever. We learned so much from this and we are thankful she is well.

All in all, we are thankful for this season. We have settled into a routine that we like, even with all my traveling for work- nothing short of a miracle. We’ve seen so many advocates sharing about Down Syndrome Awareness Month, and we are so grateful for it. Rosie keeps rockin’ it and amazing us every single day.


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