Onward & Upward

Allison Sweatman

October 27, 2017

I want you to know that I didn’t go looking for a business opportunity. I’m a mom of a 2 year old with a full therapy schedule, working in a full-time job that has me traveling a lot. I am a person with a heck of a lot of interests and hobbies that keep me busy and engaged with those around me. I’m intentional to actively invest in my husband and our marriage. I didn’t need something else on my plate.

On top of all that, I was skeptical of anything that had me selling things. You might know from My Why, that the mission of Beautycounter made the whole difference to me, but that’s not the point of this post.

When I took the plunge only a few months ago, I didn’t have clear aspirations within this business. The mission resonated with me and I’d known about the opportunity for a while and it finally felt right. I was all of a sudden “all in.” Three months ago I wasn’t looking to single-handedly overhaul an industry, even though that’s what Beautycounter is doing. I wasn’t looking to build a team of friends to enjoy this business with, even though I’ve been blessed to do that already. I was looking to share this mission and hopefully pay back my investment while enjoying what I knew to be quality products.

Here’s the “big picture” thing I really want to say:

A person trying to sell you something is likely trying to make both your lives better. 

Don’t get me wrong. With my background in Communications I assure you that there are some tactics in the world of marketing that are sneaky and questionable and the Facebook salespeople are no exception. There is absolutely a gray area and a fine line and all the other metaphors that apply here, which makes it all the more confusing and frustrating sometimes. Furthermore, there are perfect strangers who will reach out about their business in hope you’ll jump on board and if that rubs you the wrong way, I get it. And also, me too.

But please don’t hear what I’m not saying.

Please don’t hear what I’m not saying

The vast majority of the people inviting you to join their team or try a product truly believe it will make your life better. The fact that they will profit from your involvement doesn’t take away from the fact that their product or business might be something you enjoy.

In many cases, in fact, a person learns about an opportunity and they more than enjoy it, it changes their lives.

Like I said before, I didn’t set out to build a team and go straight to the top of this business. But one day a friend and I had been communicating about our kids’ therapy sessions, special needs advocacy, self care as a mom, and many other important aspects of our lives. She was expressing a need for an outlet and the sharing the struggle of finding the right person to care for her little guy so that she could have a couple of hours to herself each week. Beautycounter immediately came to my mind.

I panicked, TBH.

“OH NO!” I thought. “I shouldn’t ask her if she’s interested. She’s probably not. She’s so busy and I definitely don’t want her to question my motives for our friendship.”

That was huge for me. I genuinely enjoyed the friendship we’d gained and didn’t want to muddy any waters with a “business opportunity.”

A few days went on, we continued to chat, and eventually I felt like I had to ask her. I really and truly felt strange not sharing this chance with her. Something in me knew that not only would she be great at this business, but this business would be great for her and truly bless her life.  

A week after I shared the details with her, sent her some samples, and answered her questions, she jumped into the business. Now she’s a few weeks in and has already earned one of our bonuses and is thriving.

Here’s the absolute best part: A few days ago we were talking about recruiting and she thanked me for telling her about this opportunity. She went on to share about how well this fits into her life and how excited she was for the future.

Tears. Judge me all you want. But there were happy tears on my end.

And that’s not all! Within a week of this sweet friend joining, a longtime bestie and my lil cousin jumped on this Beautycounter party too. Both have equally exciting futures and inspiring enthusiasm for this mission.

So yeah, I didn’t set out to build anything or add to my already full life, but I welcome this growth with open arms.

Onward and upward!


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