On Self Care

Allison Sweatman

October 30, 2017

You can’t throw a rock on Facebook without hitting an article about self-care, self-love, positive self-talk, and the like. At face value, I think this can seem like an extension of our ME ME ME culture, especially that which comes from social media. I see where that conclusion can be drawn and one might dismiss all these self-things as self-involvedness, but I can’t say that’s where I fall in my thinking about these things.

Very recently a fantastic book had me examining some of the self-talk I do (both to myself and about myself) and I was very, very challenged. You see, lately I’ve been dealing with some feelings of unworthiness, panic, and mild depression. (I say “mild,” because I’ve been much, much deeper into that diagnosis than what I’ve experienced recently, and I don’t want any of you to worry.)

Basically, upon examination, I concluded that the less-than-desirable mental state I had been in was in large part a symptom of some negative self-talk I’ve been engaging in over the past six or-so months. It was me who started it and it seemed so innocent at first. Sure a little self-deprecating, but nothing my thick skin couldn’t handle.

The problem with negative self-talk is, it doesn’t matter how thick your skin is, the wounding is coming from the inside. There is no defense against the wounds you inflict upon yourself. The wounds are deep and their pain can be numbed, but they will fester, to be sure. When they show up, you’re often in too deep to know where the pain came from.

Be kind to yourself

Today, I implore you to be kind to yourself. I’m not ready to share about the ways I’ve been unkind to myself. I will at a later time. But please live from a place of worthiness (Thanks, Brene Brown) and be kind to yourself. 


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