My Personal January Whole30 Goals

Allison Sweatman

December 30, 2017

I’m really excited to do a January Whole30 of my OWN, along with my clients in my coaching group. It has been a long time since I’ve done a full reset, although my own Food Freedom includes mostly Whole30 compliant components. After a holiday season with a LOT of travel and stress, a real food reset and the structure of the Whole30 is exactly what I need.

In the past, I’ve had a general focus for each of my rounds of Whole30. The first round, if I’m being honest, was about just surviving and getting it done fully compliant. The second round I focused on the meal template and learned how valuable it can be. The third round I was very strict about the meal template and added a few other disciplines to observe while I was doing the round. On that round I also documented every single meal on my instagram account. This worked well for me.

As I go into my fourth round of Whole30, I’m planning on making it the most budget-conscious one yet.


As I go into my fourth round of Whole30, I’m planning on making it the most budget-conscious one yet.

Many of you know that we recently brought home our amazing son through an incredibly fast adoption process. (Before you ask, yes, I’ll share the story eventually!) We feel incredibly lucky to be his parents. Our cup truly overflows right now.


When Andrew and I sat down to talk about 2018 we covered a lot of topics: prayers for our kids (It still feels weird to pluralize that word!), goals for our businesses, other general big-picture stuff. Of course, finances were part of that discussion.


At the center of our financial talk was the goal of paying off our adoption fees. We’ve had some amazing friends reach out and offer to help offset all of this via our puzzle fundraiser, and it has been a HUGE blessing, especially as our adoption happened smack-dab in the middle of the holiday season. Of course, along with this huge help from our community, we want to be faithful to budget and hustle to pay this down a swift and diligent fashion.


I tell you this personal information to explain that really and truly, a budget-conscious Whole30 is my primary personal goal this January. If I’m being honest, in the past I’ve gone way over budget, falling prey to the flashy stuff I saw all my favorite bloggers using in the kitchen. That just cant be my priority this round, but I’m certain it won’t hinder my results and NSVs. Those products are AMAZING but I’m having to be extra choosy this round.


As I walk through this round, I’d love to show you all the things you’d find most helpful regarding a budget-friendly round of Whole30. Let me know if there’s anything you’d like to see! I’m thinking a few of the most cost-effective recipes, some grocery hauls, etc.


My Instagram handle documents every meal of my third round of Whole30. Oh yeah, and I was training for a half marathon too!

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