Whole30+ MOVEMENT: My Reasons to Move

Today began my fourth round of Whole30 and my first round as a Certified Coach. Doing this round of Whole30 alongside my clients is a unique experience compared to my previous rounds. I’m doing what’s called a “Whole30Plus” this round. My “plus” is movement and I’m really excited about it.

I’ve committed to intentional movement each day of my Whole30. To be sure, every day I get up and move from my bed to the laundry room to the kitchen to my kids’ rooms and so on and so forth. You get it. These movements are a necessity. They get stuff done that needs doing.

By intentional movement I mean:

  • I move because it’s good for me.
  • I move because it feels good.
  • I move because my body is a temple.
  • I move because my mind-body connection needs it and my mental health is improved by it.

My reasons for moving will not include the following:

  • I’m needed somewhere.
  • I have goals to accomplish.
  • I have weight to lose.
  • I said I would.

These can all be great reasons to move, but they fall short of the whole “Your body is a temple” thing. It has taken me a long time to get to a place where my temple-ness precedes the last 10 pounds I think I need to lose. It took a lot of soul-searching and re-prioritizing.

I’m not training for a half marathon, like I was this time last year. I literally couldn’t care less what the scale says, contrary to this time last year. I just want to move. So, barring any illness, I’ll be moving for 30 days straight. If there is a day when I can’t leave the house or press play on a workout video, I’ll be doing 10 minutes of intentional stretching. I plan to mix it up throughout the week to keep myself interested in the movement and I’ll be recording my weeks of movement here on the blog.

The idea of a Whole30+ isn’t necessary to see incredible victories on a round of Whole30. The program alone, just as it is, can absolutely change your life. I simply find that at this point in my Food Freedom journey, I want to pair the program with another practice that honors my “temple-ness.”

There are many other practices that can be used in a Whole30+:

  • Morning routine
  • Movement
  • Prayer
  • Gratitude
  • Bedtime (sleep prioritization)
  • Flossing (there is nothing too small!)
  • Step goals

Is there a thing you know you should do, but you just can’t seem to commit for some reason? Maybe it’s one of the above, or maybe it’s something more personal. I’d love to hear about anything you’d like to share.

If there’s a practice you know you should begin, but you just haven’t yet, and you’ve committed to a Whole30, maybe you should consider upping the ante and trying a Whole30+. I’d love to be your coach and hold you accountable for throughout the process.

My next post will go into more detail about who should try a Whole30+ and who should stick with the standard program first. Stay tuned.