My Week in Movement: Jan 15-21

I wrote about my Whole30Plus Movement, the round I’m currently on, earlier this week. Here is a breakdown of my first 7 days of movement.

Monday, Jan. 15: Zumba Toning- Burst and Core

Not your typical Zumba class. Zumba Toning is probably my favorite class offered at my local gym/community center. I absolutely LOVE the instructor of all the Zumba toning classes. She goes hard and challenges me while still having a ton of fun in the movement. Her name is Kristy and if I could take all her classes, I would.

I used to take this class as cross-training for my half-marathon training. Squats, lunges, and various cardio elements are included. There are modifications for every movement, which I’m not shy about using.

Tuesday, Jan 16: Solo Gym Time

I went up to the center for a Pilates class at 5:30 only to see that classes were cancelled because of the snow day! I took the opportunity to work around the pretty empty gym. I did a few weight machines, some very intentional stretching, and some arm work with dumbbells. I find that I’m MUCH more comfortable in a gym than I was a year ago, mostly due to my few months of Crossfit. It’s not that I necessarily know what I’m doing or how to use everything I see, but I’m just less shy about it. I KNOW that feeling of “Everyone here has a plan and spends their entire evening here and I’m afraid to let them even see me.” It feels good to be over that!

Wednesday, Jan. 17: Stretch and Strengthen 

Another class with Kristy! I took the 4:30 Stretch and Strengthening class with her, which has soft music, low lights, and some VERRRRY good stretches. At the beginning of every class she asks for requests of what parts of our bodies need work. I emphatically holler, “LOWER BACK!” week in and week out. It’s a good time. Lugging two 25-lb toddlers around means that’s where I need the most work. This class incorporates some yoga techniques and stays very chill. That’s not to say you won’t break a bit of a sweat.

Thursday, Jan. 18: Ten Minutes of Intentional Stretching 

Remember from my previous post how I said there would be a “bare minimum” of movement I’d do each day, that being 10 minutes of intentional stretching? I have already employed my “bare minimum” rule. Andrew worked late that night and by the time all the children were in their beds, our dog was being a jerk and started SCRATCHING MY YOGA MAT. I managed to chill her out for 10 minutes of a 20 minute beginners yoga video. I liked it a lot and honestly I can’t wait to try it without the dog being all up in my grill.

Friday, Jan 19: Zumba Toning 

Zumba Toning AGAIN. (All the praise hands.) I actually began planning my attendance of this class on Thursday. I told Andrew all the things that we needed to get done by 4 pm on Friday so that I could be there on time to get a good spot!

Saturday, Jan. 20: Walking the Dog

My husband was sick (AKA my worst nightmare) so I was parenting solo and bringing him soup for most of the day. My mom came over and I took the dog for a walk while she hung out with the kids. I cannot stress enough how much of an actual workout it is to take this dog for a walk. She is TERRIBLE with the leash. Without going into further detail about how my dog drug me around the block, I’ll just celebrate the movement I got and call it a win 🙂 

Sunday, Jan. 21: Family Walk

Another walk! Andrew stayed home from work because he’d been feverish the day before but by the afternoon he wanted some fresh air, so we took the kids and dog on a walk. Luna was MUCH sweeter this time because she had little people to protect on the walk. I can’t wait until she’s better with the leash. Spring will be amazing for training her!