A Case for Whole30 Reintroduction

Before starting my journey as an Certified Whole30 Coach, I was always the go-to Whole30 guru among my friends. No lie, one year ago I was essentially “coaching” no less than ten people through the process and IT WAS MY JOY to do so. I learned so much from that experience which I carry into my current business, now certified and vetted by the Whole30 brand. 

One thing I learned a year ago is that re-introduction is something people LOATHE for one reason or another. Either they wish they could just cram ALL THE THINGS in their pie holes on day 31 *or* they are terrified of losing their Tiger Blood and other NSVs which the Whole30 afforded them. I’m here to tell you why the re-introduction process is worth all the planning and execution outlined by the Whole30 team.

The 30 day elimination of the Whole30 is not easy at all. You’ve seen the donuts in the break room and been all like (🙅🏽‍) “No thanks, friends!” while sipping your Lacroix and crunching your baby carrots. You’ve likely bought one or two ingredients you’d never even known existed before the Whole30 and cooked more than you ever have in your life. You’ve learned the bajillion words for “sugar” so that you can read ingredient labels like a BOSS.  All of that is hard work. Pat yourself on the back, but don’t stop at day 30.

This is a fantastic example of a reintroduction plate for GF grains or glutenous grains day. The egg and avocado are, of course, compliant, so it can be gathered that the effects one might feel the next day are from the toast.

I want you to think of your re-introduction as a gift to yourself. The hard work is done and all you know is that eating whole food for 30 days makes good things happen. That’s great and all, but what do you do with it? How does that translate into Food Freedom? Reintroduction, that’s how. By systematically reintroducing the food groups you eliminated, you can give yourself the gift of information which is SPECIFIC TO YOU. This information is what you use to answer the question, “Is this worth it?” and have confidence in your Food Freedom going forward. 

Furthermore. I think you should reintroduce simply because Melissa says to. I’m a self-proclaimed obliger (Four Tendencies, anyone?) who will do as she’s told, especially by the creator of the program I’ve committed to. I know for you rebels and questioners, this might not sit well, but hear me out. The research and thought that went into this program, outlined in the program books and online, was not pulled from thin air. Thousands of people have done it this way and seen results for the sake of their Food Freedom. It works if you do it by the books. The consequences of not systematically reintroducing are that you lose so much of what the program has to offer. Without a reintroduction, you walk away with the claim, “I did the Whole30,” but have nothing to show for it in terms of practical day-to-day application. In fact, you might ACTUALLY deprive yourself because you have no idea what is causing the tummy disruption, acne, or joint pain that cropped up when you went on your day-31 binger. This is not Food Freedom.

For those of you who are dreading day 31 out of fear of losing your Tiger Blood, I hear you. That was me. After six months of anxious ICU life, I did a round of Whole30 and saw my anxiety under control. I was caring for a medically fragile newborn with my anxiety in check. It was nothing short of a miracle. I wanted desperately to keep that victory. I considered carrying the Whole30 into the foreseeable future, without a plan. I thought I might just eat this way forever and then we’d all live happily ever after, amen. 

But that’s not really Food Freedom either, is it? Dear friend who has experienced incredible and life-changing results in your Whole30 round, please know that a systematic reintroduction, as outlined by the program creators, will yield the information you need KEEP yourself feeling this good for years to come. Trust me when I say fearful prolonged elimination of all these foods isn’t the answer. 

My January team is halfway through their round and tonight we have a meet up to discuss reintroduction. I can’t wait to share these concepts with them, along with options for how to go about their own reintro.