Nancy’s Cold Brew Coffee (with recipe!)

Nancy’s Cold Brew Coffee (with recipe!)

There are people in life who influence you beyond the season in which they were present. You know what I mean. I’m talking about a mentor who has given so much wisdom to you that you remember it for the rest of your life. Who is this mentor to you? For me it’s Nancy.

When I met my friend Nancy I was a student at Ouachita Baptist University and Nancy had just moved onto campus to work in Residence Life. The first year we were there together I barely knew her but admired her from afar, as I was an RA in another building. The next year I was beyond excited to have the opportunity to work directly with her in the residence halls.

Her advice in ResLife translated so seamlessly into real life that I could hardly call her a “boss,” although I knew she expected much of me in that role. I looked up to her so much and I remember the excitement I felt as we piled up on her couch once a week to talk about my hall and my life. She was one of the first people I told when Andrew decided to hold my hand for the first time. I remember fondly her freaking out with excitement because she knew him and loved him for me. We grew closer that year and when she moved off campus we continued to hang out a few times a month, now while I sat at her kitchen counter watching her prepare dinner for her family. We coordinated around nap times and nursing schedules and it gave me a taste of what motherhood looked like in the life of someone I deeply admired. I am so, so, so grateful for those years. 

These days I think of Nancy when life gets real. She taught me such wisdom in her words, to be sure, but mostly in her actions. Before it was cool to slow down and focus on what is essential, she was doing it. Before I knew anything about women’s issues in the church (and boy do I feel them now) I was crying on her couch in all the confusion over them. Before I was serving in my current church children’s program, I was talking to her about how kids deserve dignity and effort and inclusion in a church setting. I learned how to learn from children by watching Nancy learn from hers.

Cold Brew Love

Truth be told, my momma and Nancy have inspired 90% of the food and drink I make for this blog. It’s gotta be true. And this one is SO easy. I remember when Nancy told me how to do this and I was like, “You gotta be KIDDIN’ me, Nance!” and she was like, “No, seriously, Al!” So, I started making it myself and the rest is history. 

Nancy's Cold Brew

Author Allison Grigsby Sweatman


  • 1 cup coarse coffee grounds
  • 4-5 cups filtered water


  1. Place coffee grounds in a large bowl. Pour water over grounds and stir together. Cover bowl with plastic wrap and place in refrigerator for 8-12 hours.
  2. Place colander on bottle and top with two layers of cheese cloth. Pour coffee over the cheese cloth and allow to filter. You might have to allow it to drip down and return to it later.
  3. Once all coffee have filtered through, there will be a "crust" of grounds on the cheese cloth. If crust gets too thick, you may scoop some out and continue pouring over the cloth.
  4. Enjoy over ice with your favorite dairy-free creamer!
  5. Store filtered coffee in refrigerator for 7-10 days.

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