Deciding to Start a Business

I’ve had a long few months going back and forth about whether or not to take a chance on myself and begin a life of entrepreneurship and lots of hard work. Lots of people know that I’ve started a business, but I want to give a little rundown of what’s going on as we move into this next season, both myself and Andrew working for ourselves. 

I have spent the last two months praying through a big decision about my professional life. Just over a year ago I was beginning a job at a company I adore with a mission I fully support. I loved working there and I found such purpose in my job. I loved the people I worked with and I had lots of freedom within the position to use my talents and gifts for something greater than myself. 

When sweet Beau came on our radar back in November, everything changed. My hefty work traveling schedule would not be conducive to adding another member to our family and I knew I had to let the job go. At the time, I thought I would probably blog and write and share some recipes, maybe even do meal prep for some former clients, but I really didn’t know what the business could become apart from a personal outlet. Luckily, I have a mom who owns an incredible restaurant that feels like home, so I knew I could help her out around there some too. We are so blessed in that.


A few months after bringing Beau home I got a little more serious about my business endeavors, but it was still kind of like I was throwing darts at a target while blindfolded, if that makes sense. This is mostly because I was spending every waking moment with our sweet boy, which was a blessing, but also not conducive to starting and growing a blog/business. I didn’t have direction. But I just kept putting one foot in front of the other and focusing on getting our guy acclimated to our family.

It wasn’t until recently that I got some sort of clarity about my vision for business. With that clarity came a to-do list a mile long, but DANG am I grateful for it. 

If you’ve watched me blog around here for any length of time, you know I like to be transparent about my life with my atypical family and pursuit of a healthier life. Well I consider this to be no different. It is FOR my family that I’m going “all in” on working for myself. 

Working for Myself

I am beginning to think I was born to be an entrepreneur. 

Just typing that sentence feels scary and vulnerable.

Saying these things publicly before my business turns a real profit is hard. I’m shaking in my boots (well, my chacos, because, summer in Arkansas), to share this part of my life with the world. 

But Ali, What’s Your Business?

Almost two years ago I started a meal prep service for some friends. Eventually, it grew to being for friends-of-friends and beyond and the next thing I knew, this stay-at-home-mom was overwhelmed and stressed. I didn’t have the capacity, at the time, to continue the business and grow it into what I knew it could become. Ever since then, I’ve been kind of dipping my toes into the possibility of growing the business. Well actually, it has gone more like this:

  1. dipping my toes in
  2. running (for dear life) to dry ground 
  3. watching others swim while sipping a Lacroix from a lounge chair 
  4. jumping in head first 
  5. getting out and running for my life only to realize I MISS SWIMMING

And here I am today, realizing I owe it to myself and my family to give it an actual shot. I’m back in the deep end and it feels like learning to swim, as is every new entrepreneur, if they’re being honest with you.

I’m starting (and growing) a meal prep/delivery service called Ali’s Eats, seeking to make real food accessible to those who want to use it to change their lives. I realized, after much soul searching, that the ways real food has changed my life can’t be numbered and I can provide an avenue for it to change the lives of others for the better. Food was made to be good for you and I intend to help people realize it in their own day-to-day. Friends in the Central Arkansas area, spread the word! We deliver 😉

I’m so blessed to have a momma who is in the restaurant business, who offers me a corner of her commercial kitchen to prep for my clients. Her knowledge of the industry has proven invaluable as I start out. On top of that, I get to spend more time with her because  you can almost always find her at the restaurant. You’ll also see me blogging around here, of course, and sharing many of the same recipes I provide out of our kitchen. 

I’m thrilled to begin this journey. Now, let’s get to work. 

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