Deciding What’s Worth It After Whole30

I recently had a conversation with a friend about my Food Freedom. She was perplexed when I told her the foods I avoid most of the time. She responded that she could never do that because, “[She] wants to eat whatever she wants to eat.”

This is a big misconception about life after Whole30. It’s not that I’m eating foods that I don’t want to eat and depriving myself of foods that I do want to eat. Instead, I’m changing the conversation with myself altogether. No longer is “Do I want to eat this?” a one-note question that only encompasses the desire to have the quick, immediate pleasure of that food in my mouth. No, it’s much ore than that. Now I’m taking into consideration many other aspects of the word “want.” 

Through lots of self-experimentation, I can ask myself some additional questions to answer, “Is this worth it?”

How will I feel emotionally after eating this?

I know from experience that binging results in shame.

How will I feel physically after eating this?

This will be different for everyone, and the Whole30 showed me what doesn’t work for me.

Is this experience satisfied without this unhealthy food option?

Many times we eat food mindlessly because it seems to be the thing to do at the celebration or event. Sometimes it’s not even integral to the experience.

Is there a healthier alternative to this food?

Sometimes there are options available that won’t end with phycological or physical distress.

What are my goals in this season of life?

Am I training for a race? Am I working out in the morning? What about my sleep- how’s that been?

There are many other strategies for answering the question, “Is it worth it?” in your Food Freedom. I like to think of this experience, made possible by elimination and reintroduction via the Whole30, as more education that only I can acquire- education about my personal, individualized responses to various foods and drinks. No one can decide if something is worth for you except you, and no one’s Food Freedom is the same as anyone else’s.

Did y’all know I love cheez-its? That’s right, cheez-its. The crunchy, salty, processed junk food. Here’s the thing about cheez-its though- 99.9% of the time when I ask myself if they’re worth it, the answer is “no.” They are literally designed to be addictive and to me, they are. But you’d better believe that when that bright red box crosses my path I ask myself the question, count the costs, and consider it. I love that self-mastery this program has allowed me to attain. 

Have you completed a Whole30? Thinking of signing up for my September group? Learn about it here.

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