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Will Rosie Ever Eat by Mouth?

Will Rosie Ever Eat by Mouth? The challenges Rosie has had to overcome are very serious. From open heart surgery to an unexplained seizure disorder to a complete skull reconstruction, she has battled it all and continues to amaze us. Even with this history in her...

What Does Rosie Eat?

What Does Rosie Eat? We joke all the time that Rosie has the healthiest diet of anyone in our house… but it’s NO JOKE! Rosie receives a diet of what I call “real food”- meat, veggies, fruits, juices, dairy-free milk, occasional GF grains. We blend a combination of...

Why Does Rosie Have a G-Tube?

Why Does Rosie Have a G-Tube? This week being Feeding Tube Awareness Week, I wanted to do a series about our life with a G-Tube. Rosie has had one for almost two years now and we often get questions about this part of our daily lives. During Rosie’s long hospital stay...

Living Desperately

RAISING ROSIE Living Desparately Allison Sweatman November 5, 2017 It’s not hard for me to remember a time when my desperation was so on display that I had no choice but to own it and walk accordingly. My baby wasn't breathing on her own. He heart was terribly sick....

The Festering of Negative Self-Talk

About six months ago our lives changed drastically. I was offered a job at a non-profit I’m passionate about. This NP has a vision that I was desperate to align with and the job uses my gifts in unique and fitting ways. I was smitten from the beginning.


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