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#010 | How the Whole30 Changed My Life with Andrew Sweatman

Whole30 Changed Everything

In this episode, Ali interviews her wonderful husband Andrew and they discuss their family’s journey with the Whole30.


What We Cover

  • the latest with Rosie & Beau
  • Allison’s recent trip to Utah for the Whole30 Coaches Summit
  • What is the Whole30?
  • Why Whole30 is not a diet
  • Where can I find resources for doing a Whole30?
  • What does a Whole30 coach do and why would you want one?
  • How did we decide to do our first Whole30?
  • What challenges did we run into?
  • How abstaining can help remove food anxiety
  • How knowing yourself and your tendencies can help you tackle the challenges of Whole30
  • What are NSVs?
  • How the Whole30 helped Allison with mental health, sleep, and feeling more comfortable in her clothes
  • How the Whole30 helped Andrew be more disciplined, have healthier digestion, and assisted with his dry skin and eczema (not to mention he lost a LOT of weight)
  • Moderation vs. Abstinence
  • Our favorite autumn Whole30 recipes
  • What’s the best gateway squash?




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Email: aliswholelife@gmail.com 

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