Andrew Sweatman

#012 | The Story of Beau

What’s it like to adopt a toddler with Down Syndrome? Find out this week as Allison and Andrew tell the story of adopting their sweet son Beau

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#005 | When Friends are in Crisis

How we talk to people in crisis matters. For this episode, Allison was struck with inspiration about this very topic while driving, and Andrew added some thoughts of his own later. The topic is grief–how to talk to people going through something emotionally difficult, and how not to. 

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#004 | The Story of Rosie

This week we went live on FB and Insta to tell the story of our beautiful Rosie and the challenges she’s faced. Our girl has been through a lot and we’re so proud of her. 

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#002 | Pre-Grieving vs. Post-Grieving

Are you a pre-griever or a post-griever? And what does it look like if you are you someone in your life experience grief in opposite ways? This is the question we discuss on this week’s episode of Atypical Parent.

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#001 | We Are All Parents

Welcome to Atypical Parent/Oh, So Extra! In this, our first episode, we introduce ourselves! We also tell about our experience as parents and set up

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